John and Kate smiling in motor home.


This story has no serious sequencing issues other than those it inherits from Judgment Day.


T-X talking to driver of car she is going to steal."I like this car." When the T-X arrives it is dark.
T-800 arrives in time bubble surrounded by flames.Why doesn't their skin burn? When the T‑800 arrives it is dark and the bar is still open.
Close-up of watch in car T-800 is about to steal.Couldn't be clearer. The T‑800 sees watch with date 07.24.2004 and declares it to be accurate. The watch says 10:50.
Kate talking to John who is in cage at clinic."You're John Connor." When John and Kate meet, it is very early in the morning "It's 6:30 in the morning" Kate tells her customer.
Cars chasing John against city skyline at dawn. When John and Kate are being chased, the sun is just coming up.
John pumping gas in station at Victorville. When they stop for gas "near Victorville", it is morning by the shadows.
Kate escaping at cemetary."Rescuing" Kate at Green Lawn. When they reach Green Lawn Cemetery it is around noon, again by shadows.
T-800 talking to John and Kate before stealing motor home."Cybernetic Organism." When they stop and switch vehicles, the T‑800 tells them in 2 hours and 56 minutes it will be 6:18 pm, therefore it is 3:22 pm, and that it will take about an hour to reach CRS.
John as they enter bomb shelter at Crystal Mountain.Where's the system core? John and Kate reach Crystal Peak before 6:18 pm.


Given the above, the Terminators arrive on Day 1 and all else happens on Day 2. The date on the watch seems irrefutable and therefore these events take place on:

Saturday, July 24th 2004 The T-X and T-800 arrive late at night.
Sunday, July 25th 2004 Judgement Day

In working out the travels of the various characters, we have run into a few problems.

After the crane chase scene, when the T‑800 finally catches up with the truck, it takes them onto I-210. We can see the signs at the entrance ramp showing that they are taking the Sacramento entrance heading west/north rather than the Pasadena entrance. The T‑800 is going to take them to the cemetery to weapon up at Sarah's crypt. This is in Bakersfield and the most direct route to there, once you get on I-210 headed for Sacramento, is to stay on it until you get to I-5, take that until you are about 20 miles south of Bakersfield where you get off on state road 99. This trip is about 2 hours.

The problem is the statement from the police detectives that there was a possible kidnapping reported near Victorville, where the gas station attendant sees them. This is nowhere near their route. They would have to have gone more than two hours and 120 miles out of their way and we see no reason for it . Especially so as the T‑800 believes that they should head south to get away from the fall-out. As they must first travel a couple of hours north to Bakersfield, why take another two hours of travel time to detour to Victorville?

Map showing direct and indirect routes from Los Angeles to Bakersfield. Why go to Victorville?

The second problem is with Scott and the two police detectives. When they first talk to him they refer to an incident that occurred "several hours ago" at the clinic. Scott joins them and they head out. We are not certain where they are going, the only clue is the report about Victorville. However, while driving along they receive notice that Kate has been "rescued" out at the Green Lawn cemetery, "off the 5". Within a few minutes of Kate getting away from the T‑800, Scott and the police show up.

This simply cannot happen. The only way they could arrive at Green Lawn within 15 minutes of Kate arriving there, would be if they were already in or near Bakersfield when the call came in. As all we know is that they have the Victorville report, why are they in Bakersfield? Another curious thing is how does Dr. Silberman happen to be at the cemetery? That seems like awfully quick work on the part of the police. In fact, how did the police know they were at the cemetery?

Here's a possible explanation for all of this.

Around 6:30 or 7:00 am the T‑800 joins John and Kate in the truck. Its destination is Bakersfield but it does not want to travel by freeway. We see several scenes of them driving through the desert. It loops around on 14 and heads towards Victorville. They would arrive there around 9:00 morning, which is confirmed by the length of the shadow in that scene. At that time the gas station attendant reports a possible kidnapping.

This is "several hours" after the incident at the clinic. The police detectives arrive at Kate's apartment and pick-up Scott/T‑X. There must be further police reports that we do not hear as, instead of heading for Victorville, they head north for Bakersfield. They have about a two hour trip to get there.

John, Kate and the T‑800 have left Victorville on their two plus hour trip to Bakersfield. This would have everyone arriving there about the same time. There must have been reports of the vehicle being seen traveling towards Bakersfield during this time. Enough time before the encounter for them to decide to have a hostage counselor present should Kate actually have been kidnapped, which the police are assuming when they arrive "Release your hostage!".

The police have been gathering strength and preparing for a confrontation when the T‑800 stops at Green Lawn. This now explains how they all got there around the same time.

It does not really explain why the T‑800 took such a circuitous route.


Saturday, July 24th 2004
Day John working.
Early night John sleeping by fire.
10:00 pm T‑X arrives
10:40 pm T‑800 arrives
Late John in accident


Sunday, July 25th 2004
Early John arrives at clinic
5:30 am Kate receives page
6:30 am Kate arrives at clinic, finds John. T‑X and T‑800 arrive
7:00 am T‑800 stops T‑X, joins John and Kate in truck, they head out of the city
9:00 am They arrive at gas station near Victorville then head for Bakersfield.
10:00 am Police arrive at Kate's apartment, pick up Scott/T‑X.
Noon Everyone arrives at Green Lawn Cemetery. Gun fight, escape and chase. T‑800 heads south.
3:22 pm They switch vehicles to motor home.
3:30 pm They head for CRS out in "the Mojave".
4:30 pm They arrive at CRS
4:45 pm John and Kate leave for Crystal peak
5:30 pm They arrive at Crystal Peak
6:18 pm The bombs fall.